Custom Orthotics & Custom Modified Orthopaedic Footwear

Many individuals who have insurance coverage for custom orthotics also have coverage for custom modified orthopaedic footwear. Both are created from a custom cast of your feet and provide proper support, cushion and alignment.

Professionally made custom orthotics and custom modified orthopaedic shoes provide comfort and correction for many common painful foot, knee, hip and back problems, including plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, bunions, arthritis and joint and muscle strain.

We provide custom orthopaedic modifications and custom orthotics for almost any type of footwear including dress, casual, sport, safety, winter footwear and summer sandals.

Check out the many options from the brands we work with:

ASICS Saucony Dr Comfort Hush Puppies Merrell Clarks Ecco Finn Mephisto

Medical Footcare

Foot care is provided by a registered Chiropodist. Nail care and common foot complaints including corns, calluses and other painful conditions like ingrown toe nails and cracked skin can be painlessly and professionally treated in a short amount of time with excellent results.

Medical foot care is provided by appointment only and is covered by most health care plans.

Orthotics options

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